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Tactical Trading Academy trades non random recurring patterns in the global currency market.  We use technical analysis to recognize these patterns and look for potential exhaustive and bottoming inflection points.  Our strategy fuses these inflection points with advanced price and time patterns to derive potential trade ideas.

We have also implemented filtering techniques to avoid trades with adverse risk/reward characteristics.  The filter’s goal is to capture profits and assist with both risk reduction and capital preservation.

Our system does not remain constantly invested and we benefit from the ability to selectively enter and exit the markets when the risk/rewards are heavily in our favor.  The end result is a trading method that allows our subscribers / students exceptional returns with low correlation to stock and bond investments.

Tactical Trading Academy attributes its exceptional performance to its trading discipline and robust approach to the markets.  Our system relies on the precise identification of a small set of core tradable patterns and the application of proprietary statistical techniques and timing.

Many economists, statisticians, and traditional money managers focus on theories that have flaws in the real world.  This is because the assumptions are valid only in theory.  Our success comes from concentrating on recurring price structures and patterns. No market measure can eliminate the uncertainty inherent in markets.

Over the years the markets have become choppier, and many traders’ returns have suffered.  We believe that the selective application of statistically proven trading systems implemented with human discretion is the best way to maximize profit in any market condition. Using our proprietary strategy “BL TS System” we have achieved excellence track record hence this shows that this system is a proven strategy.

We teach BL TS system (our proprietary strategy) in our Trading Education Program. Testimonials of our program can be found here. To sign up for our Trading Education Program, send an email to us at

“If money is your hope for independence, you will never have it. The only real security that a man can have in the world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.” – Henry Ford